Michigan State University College of Human Medicine 2017 Gran Fondo

Shirts & Skins

We are using two wheels and collective effort to make Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and West Michigan the nationwide leader in creating healthier, more vibrant communities. MSU Gran Fondo is the college’s mission in action – a big bike ride that inspires passion-fueled fundraising and breakthrough moments on the road and in the fight against skin cancer.

Three of the team members for Shirts & Skins has committed to riding 40 miles for those we love. The other three will be hitting the road for 80 miles.  Our beloved Greg Woolley lost his battle with melanoma and we are riding in memory of him and to honor other family and friends that have battled this cancer as well. We are also riding to raise money for research that will bring more positive outcomes for those that will be diagnosed in the future. Please help support us on our journey to help others.  Any amount you are willing to donate is very appreciated! 

Our team will come together Saturday, June 24, 2017 to ride and provide hope for the nearly 70,000 people in the U.S. expected to be diagnosed with melanomas of the skin this year. Our collaborative fundraising efforts will support scientists exploring new therapies aimed at increasing long term survival for skin cancer patients, and ultimately, better quality of life ahead. And here's where we need your help. We've set big fundraising goals because that is what makes this a big ride.  And we hope you'll play a big part too.  With 100% of every dollar donated going directly to skin cancer awareness, prevention and research at MSU, we can make a direct impact. Please donate and help us make a difference. Thank you!

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